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Coach with Me

My coaching is centred on delivering results that last. Not only have I redesigned my own life, but my greatest fulfilment comes from helping others to live their best life. Gayner Harriet Taylor

One to One Coaching

The power of personal coaching lies in the fact that it provides you with the most critical ingredient for extraordinary, consistent success: ongoing support, detailed action plans, constructive feedback, and most importantly, high level perspective.

When you know that you will be regularly masterminding with a coach – someone who is going to give you unwavering encouragement and high-level support all the way to the finish line – your commitment, enthusiasm, and belief in your goal increases exponentially.

A coach is the catalyst that helps you to reach new levels of personal achievement in all areas of your life.

Dream Builder Program

The Dream Builder Program is a 12 week transformational program, where you are guided through a Proven, Reliable and Repeatable Recipe for Life to help you create a life you truly love living. When you are in harmony with your soul’s purpose and with what you are here to be and do, things get easier. This is the most passionate and wondrous ways to live life. The Dream Builder Program is one of my most transformational programs.

Well Being Workout

The Wellbeing Workout aims to raise the ‘happiness pulse’ so that you can connect with how you think and feel about your wellbeing and discover tools and practical ways to supports a better life. It will teach you ways to listen to your brilliant inner guide.

You will feel happier and be able to identify and make choices to improve your personal wellbeing to promote a healthier life.

Meaningful Relationships

Relationships are the fabric of us!

This 4 week programme will help you create and find relationships that are good for you and you will learn how to avoid those that aren’t. In turn we will explore ways that you can improve your relationship with yourself. We were created for great relationships and actually thrive when we have good strong connections. In this program you will learn all the tools and skills you need to master your relationships.

My Approach
Find Your Brave

Self Esteem and the Power of Your Choices.

What is self-esteem? A type of confidence? Or something far greater?

Through coaching we will discover about learn how to develop self-esteem, helping you to appreciate the power of your choices by introducing you to new perspectives and wise truths, such as; your potential for success in all areas of your life is determined by how greatly you value who you truly are. You Are Enough!

How would your life change if your self-esteem improved? Now you can find out, together we will explore ways of radiating the quiet power of your own self-esteem to live a life you truly love.

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