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An Unexpected Beginning..

Life Coach
Life coach Gayner Harriet Taylor



In 2010 my life changed forever,  I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer.

​What I learned transformed my life

This defining moment in my life taught me so much about taking care of myself and living life to its fullest. I started a wellness quest to not only heal myself, but lead a full spectrum life and I haven’t looked back since. I knew my diagnosis wasn't my fault, but it was my responsibility.

So, I decided to change my mindset, I began to understand that the words I used when I communicated with myself and others reflected my thoughts on the inside. I made a choice in this moment and that was where my power was.


The power to decide, to choose. I didn’t get caught up in negative conversations about illness and disease. Instead I chose to focus on wellness, health and vitality. I knew in order to heal, that elevating my mindset and thoughts was essential if I was going to manifest great things.

My wake-up call inspired me to take better care of myself

I created my own inner circle of support, I surrounded myself with positive, highly evolved, loving people who elevated me at a time when a lot of other people may have just focused on their diagnosis and circumstances. It wasn't about denying the circumstances, but it was about denying the power that it had over me.


I’ve spent the last 11 years being the Chief Executive of my life and health, I've studied the power of the mind and body connection and during this time qualified as a Transformational Life Coach. I have personally applied transformational coaching principles to my life and I now live a happy fulfilled life.

I wouldn't wish a life changing diagnosis on anyone, but I would wish where it could take you on everyone!

I’ve inspired countless people to take charge of their health, career, happiness and life by adopting these principles, and learning to live and love like they really love.

Gayner Harriet Taylor

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